Market inefficiencies in Europe

Market inefficiencies in Europe offer many investment opportunities for active managers on the equity and credit markets.

Our strategy aims to benefit from these inefficiencies through a high-conviction equity portfolio with an opportunistic approach, benchmark agnostic and with no geographical or market cap constraints.

This strategy is accessible through the DECALIA European Conviction fund.

Quest for yield

Our multi-asset strategies aim to deliver absolute return by combining different asset classes, such as debt securities, equities and other funds.

Benchmark agnostic, the investment style is opportunistic, flexible and pragmatic.

These multi-asset strategies are accessible through two different funds: DECALIA Active Allocation, more focused on capital growth, and DECALIA Conservative, which has a lower risk profile.

We also offer a “Long/Short Equity” strategy which aims to deliver absolute returns through long and short positions in equities worldwide (with a neutral point at 130/30).

This strategy is applied in the DECALIA Muse fund.

New consumer trends

We have developed two original strategies which address the major changes in consumer trends that we are witnessing today: the coming of age of the “Millennials” generation and the ageing of the population.

With some two billion people, the “Millennials” generation (also called “Generation Y”) represents an enormous market which, through its new values system and a different consumption habits, represents a major challenge for the traditional players in the economy, but is also a unique opportunity for the companies that know how to address their aspirations.

Our “Silver Generation” strategy invests in European mid to large cap companies that benefit from the long-term trend of the ageing of the population.

Investments focus on the following themes: Health & Wellness, Leisure & Pleasure, Security, Financial services. Sector allocation is based on a assessment of the relative growth prospects of the identified themes.

To integrate the two strategies dedicated to changes in consumption habits, we have also launched the first equity strategy entirely dedicated to the Circular Economy.

The Circular Economy is the alternative to the linear model of our society, in which we draw from limited stocks of raw materials and energy to produce goods and services that are subsequently discarded, with an unbridled waste of resources. In a Circular Economy, raw materials are infinitely reused in the production cycle, without ever being discarded.

To achieve exposure to the Circular Economy we invest in sectors such as: Prevention and Diagnostics, Waste and Recycling, Smart Materials & Green, Industry 4.0.

These strategies are implemented in the DECALIA MillennialsDECALIA Silver Generation and DECALIA Circular Economy funds.

Disintermediation in the banking sector

In order to play the trend towards disintermediation of the banking sector in Europe, DECALIA has partnered with British corporate finance specialist Three Hills Capital Partners to launch a private debt fund for qualified investors only.

This strategy is implemented in the Three Hills Decalia fund.