By entrusting their portfolio to DECALIA, clients delegate its management to experienced experts and benefit fully from DECALIA’s expertise.

DECALIA’s discretionary management follows a three-stage process:

Determining the investment profile

After an in-depth discussion, made possible by the close relationship that its human scale allows, DECALIA determines – in agreement with the client – the management profile that suits him/her best and determines any investment constraints he/she may have.

Building and managing your portfolio

On this basis, DECALIA implements its investment strategy through its tactical allocation by asset classes, geographical zones and currencies. Client portfolios will then be invested in direct lines of bonds or equities, as well as in investment products selected by our analyst teams. It will naturally be subject to constant monitoring and will be adapted on an ongoing basis to the trends in the markets or the economic situation.

Reviewing the situation

Each individual portfolio will then be reviewed with the client as part of an ongoing exchange, so as to explain to him/her the investments made, present the results obtained and check whether his/her personal situation has changed and therefore necessitates an adjustment of his/her profile.